Patrick's Values

Patrick is fully committed to the NRD's mission of floodplain management, water quality, erosion control, and family recreation projects. He will be a trustworthy steward of taxpayers' dollars.

Better Emergency Planning

Patrick believes the NRD needs to have a more proactive emergency plan that is coordinated with other local entities, response teams, and stakeholders. The plan should be communicated with the public.

Trails and Recreation

Omaha's trails and recreation areas are part of reason it's a great place to live. Patrick believes we should preserve these great assets and expand the system when it makes financial sense.

Flood Control

Flood damage can disrupt commerce and cripple agriculture, costing the Omaha area millions. Patrick believes in a comprehensive approach to flood control, and he will work with partners in flood management like the Army Corps of Engineers to make sure that they understand our community's priorities and that the system in place is robust and maintained properly.

High Quality Water

It's up to the NRD to manage Nebraska's immense groundwater resources. Patrick believes we owe it to future generations to leave the aquifer better than we found it, and he'll work hard to develop and execute a fair, long-term strategy that ensures we preserve one of our state's greastest assets for years to come.