A native Omahan and First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve, Patrick wants to preserve the natural resources that help make our community great. He knows how to partner with Omaha businesses and community groups to build consensus around critical projects and neighborhood priorities.


Patrick will be a dedicated and careful steward of taxpayer dollars. We can trust him to be candid with us and be courageous on important decisions for our district.

“I believe we can save taxpayer's money at the local NRD Board level by prioritizing projects and focusing on the top 3-6 most important ones at any given time. Not spreading resources too thin by trying to do dozens of projects at once causing unnecessary delays and cost overruns.”


The NRD's mission is an important one, and Patrick is fully committed to more effective flood control measures, and preserving the great trails and recreation areas that help make Omaha a great place to live.

“Greater green-spaces, recreation areas, and sustainable development means: better water run-off and flood protection measures, more families making use of our great outdoors, and a positive economic impact for our community.”